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ann bridges portraitFor enquiries about purchases and commissions please contact me on

07906 310021

Most of my current subject matter is developed from happy childhood memories of playing in the garden, walking through bluebell woods, making or buying cakes for tea, reading stories (especially the Princess and the Pea), picking and pressing flowers and playing with the contents of the button box. Looking at aquariums and ponds or walking along beaches often become the starting points for compositions. Drawing is the next stage, and I keep a visual diary in the form of a sketchbook.

Working from the sketch book studies and direct observation I create vibrantly coloured images combining painting and stencil based printmaking processes. Layers of inks are applied directly to the picture surface using small hand held rollers, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. By wiping off areas that are not quite dry and drawing into the ink, hidden colours are revealed and the richness of the image is gradually built up. The finished pictures are usually referred to as Monoprints or Print-based Paintings, and are all one-off original pieces of work.
My work is exhibited nationally and internationally in group and solo shows. Paintings in Hospitals (Wales) hold a number of works in their loan collection.

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Some of the photographs on this web site were taken by photographers Lesley James, Graham Hembrough and Jenny Wilkinson


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