My studio is based in Otford near Sevenoaks in Kent. If you would like to arrange a visit to discuss a project, a purchase or a commission, please contact me on

07906 310021 or 01959 928867 or by email through the Contact page. 

I’m delighted to be taking part in Printfest again, in the lovely town of Ulverston, Cumbria on May 4th and 5th 2019

South East Open Studios runs from 7th-23rd June 2019. My studio is open on the weekends June 8th/9th, 15th/16th and 22nd/23rd from 10.00 -5.00 pm or by appointment at any other time

There will be an opportunity to see selected work at Chic et tralala, 44 Hollybush Lane Sevenoaks  TN13 3TJ during May. Dates to be confirmed.

Artwork can currently be seen and purchased directly from me or from these galleries:

The Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy, North Wales

Frickleton Fine Art at various venues in the South East of England

GREETINGS CARDS can be purchased from the website  or directly from me and selected outlets including Chic et tralala in Sevenoaks and the Hop Shop in Shoreham Kent


‘Small Things’. Identification list of the objects (Scroll down the Visual Diaries and Drawings page to find the Small Things picture)

Biro lid, yellow liquorice allsort sweet, tiny peg with ladybird, silk moth cocoon, monopoly house, dried pasta, girl guide badge, dressmaker's pin, green tomato, rice, button mushroom,elephant pendant, press stud, rose hip,, cardamom pod, monopoly dog, peppercorn, a cheerio,dead fly, match, paper clip,pencil sharpening,button, shell, clove, safety pin, ivy leaf, rice crispie, apple pip, sand dollar, blueberry, lego figure, blackberry, star anise, hair grip, musket ball, brazil nut, sushi soy sauce container, milky way star, skittle sweet, rose bud, monopoly car, plastic toggle, sweet chestnut, rawl plug, elastic band, smartie, currant, hazel nut,, pine nut, feather, 2nd class stamp, thre'penny bit, sequin, radiator key, curtain hook, carrot top, celery, staple, hair tie, drawing pin, love heart, fuchsia bloom, raisin, liquorice allsort sweet (pink), sloe, strawberry husk, watercolour pan.